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Phenibut (Phenybut) Pamphlet. What is Phenibut?

what is phenibut

Appearance: A white crystalline powder. Basic substance content: at least 99 percent. Phenybut (Phenibut) is an original domestic soft-effect tranquilizer structurally similar to natural metabolites of the human organism. For therapeutic purposes, highly water-soluble Phenibut hydrochloride is used. Solution pH is 2.3 to 2.7 LD50 is 700 to 1200 mg/kg. Clinicophysiological investigations characterize Phenibut as […]

Official Launch

Dear all, All preparations are done. Finally, it is time to launch the brand name nootropics site! A while back, I have written a post how and why I have decided to dip into this business. A few guys from this amazing sub-reddit contacted me and offered their help. Thanks a lot for your support and assistance in testing the […]

Pre-Launch Post (copied from Reddit)

This is a copied post from Reddit. Hi everybody! First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sergey and I work in the largest pharmaceutical network in Russia, which is called Katren. At the same time, our firm is the largest distributor of licensed medical supplements, which include also nootropics. A year ago, […]