Pre-Launch Post (copied from Reddit)

This is a copied post from Reddit.

Hi everybody!

First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sergey and I work in the largest pharmaceutical network in Russia, which is called Katren. At the same time, our firm is the largest distributor of licensed medical supplements, which include also nootropics.

A year ago, I remarked the memory impairment – I started forgetting simple words at the age of 30. My doctor prescribed me taking the entire course of Cerebrolysin. In 20 days I started noticing enhancement of my memory. That is how I found nootropics, by the way, Cerebrolysin is considered as OTC in Russia. Afterwards I was keen on other nootropics available in Russia and abroad and found this sub-reddit. I found out that Russian nootropics are extremely popular in Europe and United States, despite this fact there is still lack of supply. In this regard, some enterprising guys from Russia started selling Russian nootropics to people from all over the world. What has surprised me is their prices, which are much higher than local prices. According to their websites, these guys are sourcing supplements in pharmacies which have also mark up.

Later, I have decided that I could join this industry and offer better prices and wider product range since I have direct access to supplements for much better prices than others, because our company is selling products to pharmacies, which sells later to retail customers, including these guys.

There is one more factor effecting my decision to join this niche is that these guys run out of some products from time to time. I am strongly confident that I can avoid this issue, since all the products are available all the time.

In this regard, I would like to ask you for your advice.

  • Which products would you like to see in the store?
  • Do you prefer seeing packages of products in Russian or English?
  • If you have any experience with purchasing nootropics from Russia, which postal services do you use: standard shipping or express?
  • What channel of sale is the most convenient to you: website, telegram, facebook, or maybe own subreddit?
  • What is your preferable method of payment: credit card, cryptocurrency, or, maybe transfer wire, like Western Union?
  • Also, do you have any ideas on the name which will suit the website?

I believe, we can make tested and approved nootropics accessible for more people who need it. Also, I am ready to cooperate with students graduating or studying pharmaceutical sciences or neurology; self-educated people or people having expertise in nootropics; designers; and distributors in any country since I am able to offer products with really low mark up.

Thanks for your time spent on reading it.

Looking forward to receiving feedback (please share your feedback here or personal message) and advice from you.

Best Regards, Sergey

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