Phenibut (Phenybut) Pamphlet. What is Phenibut?

what is phenibut

Appearance: A white crystalline powder.

Basic substance content: at least 99 percent.
Phenybut (Phenibut) is an original domestic soft-effect tranquilizer structurally similar to natural metabolites of the human organism. For therapeutic purposes, highly water-soluble Phenibut hydrochloride is used.
phenibut formula
Solution pH is 2.3 to 2.7 LD50 is 700 to 1200 mg/kg.
Clinicophysiological investigations characterize Phenibut as a daytime tranquilizer whose effect is of metabolic type with a regulative component.
Phenybut (Phenibut) is indicated to be used in the case of:
– emotional and psychic stresses in practically healthy people when engaged in any kind of professional activity (the drug is used by cosmonauts);
– vestibulovegetative disturbances;
– asthenoneurotic states;
– low resistance to extreme conditions and hypoxia;
– tics of functional and organic origins;
– logoneurose (stammering), particularly in children;
– states of anxiety and apprehension of traumatic diagnostic procedures and surgiral interventions.
Side-effects of the drug remain as yet uncertain (overdosage leads to somnolence feeling).

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