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What we learned about Piracetam in 2018 (+infographic & video)

piracetam formula

By Jonathan Roseland, Applied Neuroscience Strategist In 2017 alone there were about 30 papers published about Piracetam which is especially impressive because it’s a not a patented drug like Modafinil, there’s not the perverse financial incentive of a pharmaceutical company sponsoring science and trying to get researchers to skew their data. In the video you can […]

Skulachev Ions. Questions & Answers

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How does SkQ differ from other antioxidants? V. Skulachev claims that the most effective antioxidant should have a number of qualities. Firstly, the antioxidant should be addressed directly into mitochondria (living cell’s organelles, where the largest number of reactive oxygen species (ROS) are produced). Secondly, the antioxidant must be safe, since, interacting with the ROS, […]

Skulachev Ions. Part I. The most innovative and strongest antioxidant.

sklulachev ions

In 1960-1970s, V. Skulachev and his colleagues from Moscow State University (MSU), together with Y. Liberman’s USSR Academy of Sciences team were testing the chemiosmotic hypothesis proposed by P. Mitchell (Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, 1978) who affirmed the existence of electric potential difference across the mitochondrial membrane. The results of their work were published […]