Skulachev Ions. Part I. The most innovative and strongest antioxidant.

sklulachev ions

In 1960-1970s, V. Skulachev and his colleagues from Moscow State University (MSU), together with Y. Liberman’s USSR Academy of Sciences team were testing the chemiosmotic hypothesis proposed by P. Mitchell (Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, 1978) who affirmed the existence of electric potential difference across the mitochondrial membrane. The results of their work were published in International Journal of Science “Nature”, 1969, 222, 1076-8. It was suggested that some compounds – lipophilic cations (phosphonium ions e.g.) – can be directed to mitochondria due to the electric field on the mitochondrial membrane (it has negative charge inside). In 1974, famous American biochemist D. Green called such compounds – “Skulachev ions”.

sklulachev ions

In the early 70’s, V.Skulachev, Professor L.Yaguzhinsky and academician S.Severin suggested to use penetrating cations as “electric locomotive molecules” capable of transporting and further accumulation in mitochondria different noncharged compounds.

In the late 90’s, British biochemist M. Murphy used this method and tried to create mitochondrial-targeted antioxidant. He connected Vitamin E to lipophilic ion of TPP. Unfortunately, it has been impossible to use this compound in practice, as well as its more successful option, in which ubiquinone was used instead of vitamin E, apparently, because of a strong pro-oxidant activity and inadequate efficacy in low doses. The prospect of the whole approach was in doubt.

However, in 2003 the group of academician V. Skulachev began the development of a new mitochondrial-targeted antioxidant. In order to improve fundamentally its effectiveness plastoquinone was used – a substance from the most oxygenated place in the wildlife – plant chloroplasts. The SkQ1 substance was constructed and synthesized, the efficiency of which turned out to be hundreds of times higher than previous analogues.SkQ1You can already order Visomitin – eye drops with unique propeties.

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