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Today we will present you the article about Actovegin, which used by Lans Armstrong , Tiger Woods, C. Ronaldo, Usain Bolt and other famous sportsmen.Actovegin is deproteinized hemoderivate of calves’ blood. Yes, that’s right, this substance is something similar to processed blood of calves, which has a variety of effects on the body, including a nootropic one.
It is also interesting, that in the early 2000s and for a whole year, this substance was on the list of dopings, and was prohibited in the United States and Canada.

How does Actovegin work?

1. Glucose transport and disposal. We always have a certain value of glucose in our blood, the approximate standard is from 3.3 to 5.5 units. When we eat, the value of glucose in our blood boosts above standard, and our pancreas, in response,begins to produce insulin, which transports extra glucose to the cells. Actovegin is partly similar to insulin in action.

forms of actovegin

2. Stimulates oxygen consumption. This is a truly interesting point, which is quite peculiar to many antihypoxants, such as that same Mexidol or succinic acid. Why is it useful? It is no secret, that for life the cells need oxygenand need it constantly, otherwise 5-10 minutes after certainly comes death. So, there exists a maximum oxygen consumption factor: try to remember how long it takes you to run 1 km or it used to take before, or remember how much time you can work intellectually, meaning to solve problems, count or write something down or, frankly speaking- “rack your brain” as if you are on an important exam.

actovegin stimulates oxygen consumption.

At these moments, the brain or muscles, depending on what you do, actively consume oxygen. Trained people are able to consume 1.5-2 times more oxygen, no matter what they train, even brain cells. Increased oxygen consumption intensifies the productivity of any activity. The topic is very big, so if you are interested-Google it yourself.

3. Increases concentration of ATP, ADP, phosphocreatine. Partly, this point is connected with transport and disposal of glucose. Not to go in details – there will be more energy. Technically, you can just eat a cube of sugar and also increase ATP. But here, phosphocreatine is also mentioned- a great assistant for the myocardium and the heart muscle.

4. Increases Glutamate, Aspartate, GABA. Excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters in the brain. The first 4 points are mentioned in the official instructions to the drug, onwards we shall go through some researches. .

5. Improves spatial memory and learning skills. The research was conducted on rats with brain ischemia. One group was injected with Actovegin, the other group had no injections. Subsequently, memory tests were carried out in a water maze, and later on the difference was estimated in the hippocampus- part of the brain, responsible for memory. In the group with injected Actovegin about 2 times more cells preserved, but it is still 30% less, comparing to rats with a completely normal brain.

actrovegin improves memory

Another research on senior citizens with mild cognitive impairment showed improvement in memory tests, where the average age was 71 and the sampling was 30 people. Increasing of alpha and beta activity in the brain comparing to placebo, which may slightly increase alertness and improve mood.

6. Reduces acidification of human skeletal muscles. That can be useful when working on power endurance, as an example – pulling up to the maximum number of times. However, with only aerobic exercises, for example- hour cycling- no improvements were observed. A slight acceleration of muscle recovery in various injuries was also noticed.

7. Possible improvement of endothelial function. Endothelium is the inner layer of blood and lymph vessels that regulates blood pressure and blood clotting. Meaning it is possible to normalize the pressure. And another interesting research about a significant reduction of acne or, to put it simply- pimples, in 54 out of 88 people.

Actovegin course

This substance is used in 4 ways: pills, ampoules for intramuscular injections, skin creams and liquids for injections through a dropper.

Let’s pitch upon the pills: according to the instructions or the doctor’s prescription, the course lasts from4 to 6 weeks, 3-6 tablets per day for 3 admissions.

Also, Actovegin as if drags glucose out of the blood, and most people, probably, will feel nothing. For a small part- an unpleasant phenomenon, when a person has low blood sugar, as an example: you haven’t eaten for 15 hours or it is initially low. Generally, there may be a slight hypoglycemia: trembling, fever and sharp hunger. Therefore, it is wiser to take it after meals.

Actovegin effects

Actually, according to the Drug Tariff of Russia, Actovegin is in the pharmaceutical group of tissue regeneration stimulants. It sounds fantastic, but do not expect serious effects, although researches show links on faster wound healing, better cellular respiration, skin improvement.

From Actovegin you can get: increased productivity (through the delivery of glucose and oxygen), faster body recovery after all sorts of things, associated with poor cellular respiration, if you, for example, received intoxication or restoration of balance in inhibitory/accelerating neurotransmitters. Possible memory improvements after brain injuries.

What can Actovegin be combined with?

This point is more theoretical, as the manufacturer wrote only that drug interaction is unknown.

The first thing that caught my eye – similarity with Mexidol and succinic acid. Only that Mexidol helped us with dopamine and GABA to better bind with receptors, and Actovegin – Glutamate, GABA, Aspartate. Their alliance can spur something like normalization of neurotransmitters in the brain and excellent recovery.

A compound with l-theanine can also be interesting, as it also enhances alpha and beta rhythms in the brain.


— Actovegin is an interesting substance with a wide range of actions.

— Works more as a reducing agent, through the delivery of oxygen and glucose, helps the heart muscle, increases Glutamate and GABA.

— Should be taken for a few weeks, the dosage depends on the indications.

— Can be combined with succinic acid, Mexidol or l-theanine. Good luck and great health to everyone!

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