Skulachev Ions. Part I. The most innovative and strongest antioxidant.

sklulachev ions

In 1960-1970s, V. Skulachev and his colleagues from Moscow State University (MSU), together with Y. Liberman’s USSR Academy of Sciences team were testing the chemiosmotic hypothesis proposed by P. Mitchell (Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, 1978) who affirmed the existence of electric potential difference across the mitochondrial membrane. The results of their work were published […]

Phenibut (Phenybut) Pamphlet. What is Phenibut?

what is phenibut

Appearance: A white crystalline powder. Basic substance content: at least 99 percent. Phenybut (Phenibut) is an original domestic soft-effect tranquilizer structurally similar to natural metabolites of the human organism. For therapeutic purposes, highly water-soluble Phenibut hydrochloride is used. Solution pH is 2.3 to 2.7 LD50 is 700 to 1200 mg/kg. Clinicophysiological investigations characterize Phenibut as […]

Official Launch

Dear all, All preparations are done. Finally, it is time to launch the brand name nootropics site! A while back, I have written a post how and why I have decided to dip into this business. A few guys from this amazing sub-reddit contacted me and offered their help. Thanks a lot for your support and assistance in testing the […]

Pre-Launch Post (copied from Reddit)

This is a copied post from Reddit. Hi everybody! First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sergey and I work in the largest pharmaceutical network in Russia, which is called Katren. At the same time, our firm is the largest distributor of licensed medical supplements, which include also nootropics. A year ago, […]