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SKQ1 a Smart Mitochondrial Antioxidant and Longevity Game Changer (+infographic & video)

SkQ1 article

A longread with infographics by Jonathan Roseland, Applied Neuroscience Strategist In the video below you can watch the article. Here you can find SkQ1 inforgraphic. Scientific Research People often ask me about novel Biohacks, exotic Nootropics or ground breaking anti-aging strategies. They will want to pay attention to the applications of SKQ1.  You can find over 150 […]

Skulachev Ions. Questions & Answers

skq qa

How does SkQ differ from other antioxidants? V. Skulachev claims that the most effective antioxidant should have a number of qualities. Firstly, the antioxidant should be addressed directly into mitochondria (living cell’s organelles, where the largest number of reactive oxygen species (ROS) are produced). Secondly, the antioxidant must be safe, since, interacting with the ROS, […]